Women reading: O akademiji, akademskom…

“A military-religious structure, a military-religious ideology wrapped in military-religious terminology, in universities often serves as a cover for legal practice of unfounded, outdated or worn-out authoritarian power, or serves the aim of preserving power through fear from a position of power acquired long before, together with an offensive or slimily paternalistic attitude towards those who occupy positions lower in the hierarchy. Why are degree, masters and doctoral dissertations not presented or expounded before some kind of commision, but defended as though someone was attacking them? How is it that for the most part there are no first-rate artist at universities, not first-rate writers, not first-rate architects, not first-rate musicians, not first-rate comitted philosopers? There are none, because such people need varied and unbounded spaces of freedom, and since with time a military-religious structure leads to serious psychic frustrations, it happens that this lethargic university cadre reaches for cathartic activities such as amateur, on the whole worthless, artistic creation, in order, through such activities, to mask its creative impotence. There is no freedom within an institution. An institution offers security, freedom destroys it.”

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