Jacques Ranciere, “The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation”

“Whoever looks always finds. He doesn’t necessarily find what he was looking for, and even less what he was supposed to find. But he finds something new to relate to the thing he already knows. What is essential is the continuous vigilance, the attention that never subsides without irrationality setting in…”

“There aren’t two sorts of mind. There is inequality in the manifestations of intelligence, according to the greater or lesser energy communicated to the intelligence by the will for discovering and combining new relations; but there is no hierarchy of intellectual capacity. Emancipation is becoming conscious of this equality of nature. This is what opens the way to all adventure in the land of knowledge. It is a matter of daring to be adventurous, and not whether one learns more or less well or more or less quickly.” 

“The only mistake would be to take our opinions for the truth.”

“Reason begins when discourses organized with the goal of being right cease, beings where equality is recognized: not an equality decreed by law or force, not a passively received equality, but an equality in act, verified, at each step by those marchers who, in their constant attention to themselves ad in their endless revolving around the truth, find the right sentences to make themselves understood by others.”

“Equality was not an end to attain, but a point of departure, a supposition to maintain in every circumstance. ”

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